Peter Lowy Associates Breakfast

In the recent years, technology has taken over the world and every business is conducted using technology. This has also led to the rise of professional executive directors who have impacted positively towards economic development. Peter Lowy is a leading chief executive officer of Westfield Group. He has been hitting the headlines as a renowned CEO having been ranked among 100 top performing CEOs by Harvard Business Review. He leads one of the most vibrant chains of shopping centers that have opened offices in other parts of the world. He operates shopping centers in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the US.

Peter Lowy is an outspoken speaker in the business and entrepreneurship fields. During the Associates Breakfast held at Milken Institute, he retaliated the importance of the retail market and how the commercial real estate is changing the lives and economies of many people around the world. Particularly, the United States of America has received boosting in the real estate industry with the impact of the new technology.

He acquired the skills in the retail and entrepreneurship field owing to the long years he has served in the industry. Peter Lowy has over 25 years of experienced from different portfolios he has held from the previous companies he worked for. He joined Westfield Group in 1983 and has been working around the clock to maximize on profit outcome. As a result, he moved through the ladder to become a managing director in 1997. The company has seen tremendous growth and is opening branches in other countries including Italy and Brazil.

He has a wide range of skills in the investment world. He worked for investment banking sector in London and New York. Peter Lowy holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of New South Wales. This is attributed to the immense success he has been experiencing in the recent years. For more info click on peter lowy associates breakfast.